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AsiaFitnessToday aims to disrupt the workplace with the MOVE-LAH movement. Ayuh, kawan-kawan, let’s MOVE Asia together!

Sign-up your company and get your co-workers moving!

Did you know, that over a third of the world’s population resides in Asia, and they are now more obese than ever. These figures are alarming and a huge concern for governments and employers because obesity can lead to preventable non-communicable diseases (NCDs), illnesses and absenteeism thus affecting national productivity and mental health of a country’s citizens.

Adult obesity prevalence in Asia
The problem is that more people in Asia sit for long hours at work, more people are living sedentary lifestyles and not moving as we are built to… health problems will keep rising unless some major disruption occurs!
 So let’s just focus on what CAN be done. Next