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Team AFT has compiled some of the most entertaining and educational podcasts to be featured right here. Enjoy listening!

Australia: ABC Radio National

The History Listen with Kirsti Melville

A tribute to Salleh Ben Joned (1941-2020): A Most Unlikely Malay (in two parts) with daughter Anna Salleh

Salleh Ben Joned is a witty, fearless and charismatic poet and writer that some have called the ‘bad boy of Malaysian literature’. He is a satirist, critic and libertarian, known for challenging taboos about race, religion, sexuality and a whole lot more. In this two-part documentary series, his eldest daughter Anna takes us on a wild ride through the life and times of her infuriating yet utterly loveable father. Learn more about Salleh in his blog.

This documentary is dedicated to Halimaton Attan, the late wife of Salleh Ben Joned and mother to Adam and Hawa Salleh.

Part One: Salleh Ben Joned
Part Two: Salleh Ben Joned
Learn more from the Sustainable Dish website

USA: Sustainable Dish Podcast

Director/Producer Diane Rodgers, RD & Lauren Stine hosts Episode 117 with Dr. Sylvia Karpagam from India.

Indian Public Health doctor, writer, researcher and advocate of the right to health and the right to food Dr. Karpagam discusses the malnutrition and the effects of the Vegetarian Myth in India. Did you know, 80% of India actually eats animal foods and it’s a dangerous myth that it is a vegetarian country?

Ede Fox, The Black Carnivore, on reclaiming health & food justice with a meat-inclusive diet Sustainable Dish Podcast

In today's episode of The Sustainable Dish, I chat with Ede Fox, aka The Black Carnivore.   We talk about how she reclaimed her health with a carnivore or meat-based diet and her creation of an inclusive space for black people and people of color to learn about the carnivore diet, health, and nutrition. We dive into the underlying injustices of a meat-free or less meat diet, how food justice includes access to nutrient-dense foods like meat, and what we can do to help encourage more people to advocate for a meat-inclusive diet.   If you're curious about the carnivore diet and how it can be an effective therapy, how diet recommendations for a particular region of people often don't acknowledge systemic injustice of those regions, or how you can get explore the carnivore diet and get involved with the Black Carnivore community, give this episode a listen.   Find Ede online on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and The Black Carnivore Podcast, and if you're new to carnivore, check out her coaching services here.   This episode was generously sponsored by my favorite electrolyte drink mix, LMNT. I personally drink 2 per day and recommend to my clients, athletes, or anyone following a low-carb diet or undergoing a stressful period to pay attention to their electrolytes. LMNT is the perfect combination of sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Visit this website for a free sample pack, just pay shipping!
  1. Ede Fox, The Black Carnivore, on reclaiming health & food justice with a meat-inclusive diet
  2. Benjamin Lorr, author of The Secret Life of Groceries: The Dark Miracle of the American Supermarket
  3. How to be a compassionate, eco-friendly omnivore
  4. Rachael & James Stewart of Southwest Black Ranchers
  5. Steve Apfelbaum on ecosystem restoration, researching good livestock grazing, and carbon credit markets
  6. Nicole Scott on being a first-generation, female farmer of color at Glynwood Center for Regional Food & Farming
  7. Annemarie Sullivan of Sullifarm & Kitchen on starting a financially secure, regenerative farm as a young female
  8. Ben Andrews on farming, LGTBQ+, and creating an accepting community in agriculture through AgRespect

Singapore: Game of Two Halves


#GameOfTwoHalves is a weekly sports podcast that is out every Tuesday hosted by Lee Yulin, Sazali Abdul Aziz, Rohit Brijnath and David Lee. Produced by The Straits Times, SPH Ep 82.

Japan: Deep Dive from Japan Times


Japan Times staff writer Ryusei Takahashi and host Oscar Boyd discuss the impact of Japan’s unprecedented postponement of the Tokyo Olympics to 2021.

Indonesia: Podkesmas (Podcast Kesehatan Masyarakat)

Podkesmas Asia Network: Empat pria dengan banyak perbedaan dalam diri mereka, dari perbedaan waktu lahir, perbedaan pasangan hidup, perbedaan saldo rekening, dan juga perbedaan popularitas. Hanya satu yang sama dari mereka, mereka yakin Podcast ini PASTI LUCU DAN BERGELIMANG TAWA!

View more podcasts from Indonesia.

Philippines: Wal Wal Sesh

A podcast on mental health. Ang podcast about heartbreak 💔para sa lahat.

Malaysia: Do More – Take Charge of Your Life

Malaysia: SYOKcast

Gender Bender excited #dudukrumah | Gender Bender EP38

Episod kali ni special sikit sebab semua record dari masing masing. Kalau nak dengar kelam kabut nya macam mana? Jom duduk rumah dan dengarkan kitorang !

USA: ESPN’s 30 for 30


For Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird, life in the WNBA paled in comparison to the lavish treatment they received in Russian professional basketball, courtesy of their team owner and benefactor, Shabtai Kalmanovich. Kalmanovich spoiled his stars, showering them with expensive gifts, luxury hotels, and private concerts — but eventually the two stars would have to confront his shadowy past. Listen now.

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