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Last update: January 4, 2024

Welcome to the world of AFT Podcasts where we create and curate Asia Pacific’s best podcasts every quarter for your listening pleasure.


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A Fitness Today with Asia Fitness Today and Australia Fitness Today present AFT Podcasts; interviews with Asia Pacific heroes. You’ll meet athletes, medical doctors, allied health, fitness & wellness professionals, entrepreneurs, book authors, culinary experts and many more modern heroes from the Asia Pacific region. Co-hosts Nikki Yeo & Jasmine Low chat over a cuppa tea. In Malaysia, it’s the Teh Tarik, made frothy by swift hand movements of a tea-pulling expert but 8tsp of condensed milk in one cup?! Kurang manis, boss! Sugar, less please

AFT Podcasts are created, written, hosted & produced by Jasmine H. Low & Nikki Yeo.
-Recorded at Sydney Podcast Studios.
-Published by AsiaFitnessToday.com.
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The Kurang Manis (Sugar,Less) Podcast

Move8 Fitness Method, Pillar 4: Food is Life

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Trailer description: AsiaFitnessToday.com presents The Kurang Manis (Sugar, Less) Podcast, a different take on health & fitness with personalities from Asia and the Pacific. We meet athletes, medical doctors, allied health professionals, the fitness and wellness world — you, perhaps? Join co-hosts Nikki Yeo and Jasmine Low and bring your cuppa tea! In Malaysia, it’s the Teh Tarik, made frothy by swift hand movements of a tea-pulling expert but 8tsp of condensed milk?! Kurang manis, boss! Sugar, less…

Move8 Fitness: Fit for Good | Everyday Heroes Podcast

Move8 Fitness Method, Pillar 3: Movement as Therapy

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Move8 • Move It • MoveAID is a fitness movement that advocates wellness education and action, making fitness accessible to all layers of society. Co-hosts Nikki Yeo & Jasmine Low bring listeners up close with everyday heroes who use their own fitness for good. What’s their secret to happiness?


Listen by Heart: Stories from Women of the South China Sea

Move8 Fitness Method, Pillar 2: Listen by Heart focuses on Mental Health

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Trailer description: Listen in to conversations with women of the South China Seas in search of one common thread — life purpose… Podcast host Jasmine Low speaks with women of this region, shares their stories and narrates articles from yesteryear and delves into her 10-year research into sound frequencies and how that got her to “Listen by Heart” in finding her own purpose. Were all of the women before her in search of the same goal? It’s telling in the daily greeting by Nanyang migrants in their own dialects, “Have you eaten?”. Is this why so many people share food pics because it’s a trophy for survival?





Q1 2024

The Tao of Self Confidence Podcast

We met and interviewed Sheena Yap Chan, the creator and host of The Tao of Self Confidence podcast where she interviews Asian women and allows them the space to share their journey to self-confidence. She is also an author, and her book of the above-mentioned title is a Wall Street Journal Bestseller. Visit www.sheenayapchan.com to learn more about her and visit www.thetaoofselfconfidence.com to listen to the podcasts. Below, we share the first podcast of 2024 where Sheena interviews Karin Hung, a former badminton player and martial arts practitioner who helms as the President of the US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation (USPAACC), the most established and largest organisation representing Asian American businesses in the United States of America. 


Q3 2023

Black Dog Institute’s Being Well Podcast.

We’ve picked this podcast which shares stories from people with a lived experience of mental health.

“These are people who have flourished and met life’s challenges while managing their social and emotional wellbeing.”

“What is bibliotherapy? Books as therapy, it makes sense!

Black Dog interviews Bibliotherapist Germaine Leece, who’s also a psychotherapist and published author. In this E-Mental Health in Practice, Being Well podcast, we hear Germaine’s journey to bibliotherapy and to publishing her first book. Join us for this insightful and truly inspiring story.

Q2 2023

A post-pandemic factor is that public health awareness has increased and as a result, we have picked this series of sound bites from the United Nations University International Institute for Global Health. The UNU-IIGH produces podcasts with the Gender and Health Hub — a global platform that consolidates the best policy-relevant evidence on gender integration in health policies and programmes.

This podcast delves into gender equality in health and explores feminist leadership as a way to advance global commitments towards gender equality and health equity.

Episode 1: The Power of Feminist Leadership: From Rhetoric to Action 

Q1 2023

Investing in Asia – China, Indonesia & Inflation: Dr. Joseph Lai (OxCapital/Australia)

The BordersLess Podcast explores global Asian diaspora stories and perspectives from East & SE Asia, highlighting multicultural individuals who have taken a different path in their careers and life. It aims to encourage listeners to take risks, explore options abroad, understand international markets & find career fulfilment. We selected this August 2022 episode featuring Dr Joseph Lai, the Founder & Chief Investment Officer of Ox Capital, an Australian-based boutique investment management company specialising in emerging market stocks & equities. Born in Hong Kong, Dr Joseph Lai came to Australia at a young age. After becoming a medical doctor, he realised that a career in investing was much more exciting and made the career change to finance.

Q4 2022

Dai Le’s harrowing journey to power

Dai Le is a newly elected independent member for the Federal seat of Fowler in Western Sydney. Wearing a traditional Vietnamese dress emblazoned with the Australian Flag, Dai’s speech garnered a raucous response from 250 of her supporters crowding the public gallery that day. They had arrived from Sydney on five buses to see her speak. Dai’s family arrived in Australia from Vietnam when she was a small child, fleeing Saigon by boat with her mother and two sisters. Two harrowing ocean voyages, years in refugee camps, and the mystery of what happened to her father shaped Dai’s personality at a young age. 


      • ABC Radio’s Conversations
      • Carmel Rooney, Executive Producer
      • Richard Fidler, Host


Q3 2022

Theatre of the Mind presents Derek Kong Private Detective

Malaysia’s newly released ‘noir parody radio drama’, the pilot episode has a waitress presenting Derek Kong with a case of a missing cyclist who has mysteriously disappeared from social media without a trace. When the clues lead to a known dangerous gang, Kong has to give chase & find him. Cast: Gavin Yap, Sharifah Amani, Anita Woo, Douglas Lim, Radhi Khalid, Natasha Mohdali, Caleb Ng Kah Lok. Written & Created by: Amina Jindani. Directed by: Gavin Yap, Produced by: Anita Woo, MoOne Drama, MO1 Productions with Supporters: CENDANA, MyCreative, PRISMA. 

Bad Taste

SBS Australia’s Bad Taste by food writer Jess Ho takes listeners ‘on a journey through their pantry to dissect how Australian palates came to be. Meet expert eaters, farmers, researchers and chefs fighting to have their voice recognised – through the ingredients they champion, the aisles they stock, the prices they charge and the people they hire. People who dare to think differently and are all curious about the same question: what is good taste anyway?

247 Talk from Hong Kong

This is a podcast in Cantonese, really cool conversations by the island’s creatives on creatives. 

Radar Podcasters Indonesia

A mental health podcast from Indonesia.

Yana Tan talks health, fitness and lockdown in the Philippines

K2 Podcasts presents Yanna Tan from the Philippines, on Fitness & Overcoming obstacles and facing fears. 

Q2, 2022

Maria Ressa

Nobel Prize-winning journalist Maria Ressa faces 100 years in prison stemming from what she says are illegitimate charges, but that hasn’t stopped her mission of exposing political malfeasance and lies in her home country of the Philippines. She joined David to talk about immigrating to the US as a child and later returning to the Philippines where she built a career, technology’s corrosive impact on journalism and democracy, founding Rappler and finding herself a government target, and maintaining hope as she fights corruption and disinformation through her journalism.

Asia Abridged

Asia Abridged is a podcast that captures the most memorable moments from Asia Society events, packaged in 15-minutes or less. Listeners can expect enlightening, fascinating, and entertaining events and conversations. This podcast is by Asia Society, founded by John D. Rockefeller 3rd in 1956 and is a nonpartisan, nonprofit institution.

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Talking with Tony

In his first-ever podcast, airasia CEO Tony Fernandes shares unique ideas and thought-provoking questions on what the future holds in the ever-changing business landscape. Join him on Talks With Tony as he dives deep into various issues with some very special guests that include will.i.am, David Forster, UFC President Dana White and more! 

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ABC Radio’s The History Listen with Kirsti Melville

In 1904, William Ah Ket became Australia’s first Chinese barrister. He went on to fight racist laws and social prejudice in and out of court.

The Future of Healthcare in Asia

McKinsey Future of Asia: Asia is primed for rapid healthcare change, driven by shifting demographics, rising consumer expectations, technological innovations, and limited legacy health infrastructure. Today, digital health impacts more than a billion lives, and estimates show that digital health in Asia could collectively create up to $100 billion in value by 2025. In this episode, we discuss the fundamental forces driving healthcare transformation in Asia, what kind of consumer-centric digital ecosystems are emerging across the world, and what business leaders must consider when building and scaling these ecosystems. Join the conversation with McKinsey leaders – Axel Baur, Senior Partner, Hong Kong; Senthu Arumugam, Partner, Kuala Lumpur; Hann Yew, Associate Partner, Singapore; and Mengwei Xin, Associate Partner, Shanghai.

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Everyday Fijians

The everyday Fijian sharing their everyday story in the everyday world.

Abroad in Japan

They say it’s the No.1 Podcast about life in Japan by Chris Broad and co-host Pete Donaldson. From insider travel tips, and language learning secrets, to hilariously awkward travel stories sent in by listeners and a weekly Q&A answering your questions. With over 100 episodes and broadcast every Wednesday, there’s no better place to learn about life in Japan while you’re on the go.

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Endgame with Gita Wirjawan

Join entrepreneur, educator, and proud Indonesian, Gita Wirjawan in exploring the ways forward for our society through stories and experiences by thought leaders, trailblazers, and opinion-makers from Indonesia and the region.

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The Macha Men


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Top comedy podcast from Indonesia hosted by four funny guys about health, wellness, with new episodes every Monday and Thursday.

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Empat pria dengan banyak perbedaan dalam diri mereka, dari perbedaan waktu lahir, perbedaan pasangan hidup, perbedaan saldo rekening, dan juga perbedaan popularitas. Hanya satu yang sama dari mereka, mereka yakin Podcast ini PASTI LUCU DAN BERGELIMANG TAWA!

Endgame with Gita Wirjawan

Join entrepreneur, educator, and proud Indonesian, Gita Wirjawan in exploring the ways forward for our society through stories and experiences by thought leaders, trailblazers, and opinion-makers from Indonesia and the region.

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