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Corporate Team Wellness

Wall Street Wellness Programs are used to drive sales –

Research has shown more C-level executives are incentivising their teams with a sustainable and regular workplace wellness program

Convincing C-level executives on launching and sustaining a workplace wellness program or employee engagement program may be an uphill battle if you’re not armed with facts*. However, it should be relatively easy to convince your fellow colleagues especially if it’s centred around wellness!

Our program directors have spent a collective of 40 years designing team building events, personal development coaching and corporate events. So we understand what it takes to keep teams motivated, inspired and loyal to a company. Often, it’s not what you give your staff once a year. It’s the care and empathy shown on a daily basis.

Some of our customised wellness programs include:

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Sign up for the AFT Workplace Fitness & Wellness Program for corporate executives. We’ve designed programs for team rewards, team motivation or team bonding. Contact our sales manager at:

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