Selgate Healthcare in Malaysia has expanded its healthcare services into the elderly care and education sector through its subsidiary, Selcare Senior Living Sdn. Bhd., operating under the brand name Darul Insyirah.

In conjunction with World Senior Citizens Month in October 2023, Darul Insyirah proudly announces the launch of the World Senior Citizens Month Campaign in Bangi today. The primary goal of this campaign is to raise awareness and promote learning opportunities for all Malaysians, especially in the context of elderly care and well-being.

The Darul Insyirah World Senior Citizens Month Campaign will encompass a wide range of programs, activities, and services dedicated to fostering unity and togetherness among senior citizens, empowering them to lead meaningful lives.

Key highlights of the campaign include:

  • Healthcare and Welfare Services: Offering comprehensive healthcare solutions tailored to the needs of senior citizens.
  • Education Workshops and Activities: Providing opportunities for senior citizens to engage in lifelong learning and skill development.
  • Community Engagement Initiatives: Creating a sense of ownership and encouraging interactions across generations.
  • Integrated Care Facilities: Ensuring easy access to essential services and support for senior citizens.

Furthermore, Darul Insyirah is pleased to announce the opening of interest registration for the new Darul Insyirah Complex in Sepang, expected to commence operations in 2025. This complex is designed to be a Muslim-friendly destination and meticulously constructed to meet both physical and scientific care requirements.

This registration allows the public to receive the latest updates on the development of the Darul Insyirah Complex and the activities conducted during this period. To register your interest, please visit, the Selangkah super app, or scan the following QR code:

Furthermore, this month, Darul Insyirah has planned a variety of exciting activities for the community, including programs that celebrate senior citizens and various events that will benefit all segments of society.

Here is the schedule of activities for Senior Citizens’ Month 2023:

 1 OctoberSundayLive Broadcast on Social Media: World Senior Citizens’ Day
 6 OctoberFridayLive Broadcast on Social Media: Senior Citizens’ Talk with Associate Professor Dr. Norsaleha Topic: The True Meaning of Happiness for a Muslim in the Senior Citizens’ Age
 13 OctoberFridayLive Broadcast on Social Media: Senior Citizens’ Talk with Dr. Ihsan Abas Topic: Safe Environments for Senior Citizens at Home and in the Community.
 14 OctoberSaturdayKarnival Kesepaduan Intergenerasi Ke Arah Masyarakat 5.0, Anjuran Myageing, UPM.
 17 OctoberTuesdayVisit by Darul Insyirah Elders to TV Al-Hijrah
 18 OctoberWednesdayElders Together with the Community at Taman Tasik Cempaka
 20 OctoberFridayLive Broadcast on Social Media: Senior Citizens’ Talk with Dr. Muna Hamiza Binti Asiff Topic: Depression Among Senior Citizens. Is it Important for Us to Know?
 21 OctoberSaturdayKnowledge Journey by Darul Insyirah Elders to Rumah Kanak-Kanak Rembau & Geng Ngaji
 27 OctoberFridayLive Broadcast on Social Media: Senior Citizens’ Talk with Pn Nur Idayu Ramli Topic: Interior Design for Senior Citizens: Aesthetics vs. Practicality
 30 OctoberMondayLive Broadcast on Social Media: Forum Organized by Darul Insyirah and UPEC Topic: Challenges of Facilities and Technology for Senior Citizens in This Century Panel : Puan Hajah Widad Asnawi,  & Tuan Haji Noor Isham, Dato Dr Mohd Wahid Samsudin & GS. TS. Dr. Mohammad Mujaheed Hassan

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