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Are you guilty of fitness bullying? Are you one of those who makes fun of larger sized individuals while they are trying to exercise? Do you make fun of others while stating that they cannot do or perform your exercise routines? If you lift weights, do you make fun of others who don’t?

All of these are a form of bullying.

When a person decides to make a better version of themselves, they should be applauded and supported, not ridiculed to the point of making them feel worse. A person who is 160kg should not be laughed at while they try new workouts. Just because they are huffing and puffing more than you does not make their efforts any less than yours.

Ask yourself the next time you feel like ridiculing someone in the gym or your yoga class – what does making fun of the other person bring you? Does it make you happy? Will it help you lift more weights or perform a more vigorous Crossfit session?

A fit and healthy lifestyle community should be a supportive one, especially to each other. Comparing yourself to another who is struggling or trying really hard will not make your workouts better nor will it make you a better person.

Allow the other person to celebrate their small successes. Let them achieve their goals. Let us all celebrate our bodies and successes, no matter how small they are. Let’s encourage each other rather than trying to shame the other person to the point of them staying away from being a better version of themselves.



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