Bachfest Malaysia will hold its first-ever family concert “Hello, Mr. Bach!” on 27 & 28 May, 2023, at the KuASH Theatre at Creative Centre for Children in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

This interactive concert tells the stories of the famous composer Johann Sebastian Bach. David Chin, who plays the role of “Mr. Bach,” will use various musical passages, activities, and theatrical elements to provide a deeper understanding of Bach’s life and his music for the audience.

This concert opens the door to the world of classical music, allowing audience of all ages to walk into a music paradise filled with imagination. “Mr. Bach” will lead members of the Malaysia Bach Festival Singers and Orchestra, performing Bach’s famous compositions. “Mr. Bach” will also use lively and interesting games to take the audience through time and space to attend his “special music class” in the style of the St. Thomas School in Germany.

Music is a language that transcends borders, and classical music is the most powerful and influential art form in the world. The concept of “Hello, Mr. Bach!” is to inspire children’s artistic senses and imaginative thinking while expanding their musical knowledge.

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As you accompany your children to appreciate Bach’s famous works such as the “Air on G String”, you will also regain the heart-striking moment as if you were listening to it for the first time. The rich and colourful music let you rediscover the long-lost beauty and glory in Bach’s music, which is filled with soulful poetry and lively rhythm, like a tug of war between the inner self and eternity, plucking at your heartstrings. American writer Edgar Allan Poe once said, “Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears.”

“Mr. Bach” will be played by David Chin, the Artistic Director and conductor of Bachfest Malaysia. He is a Malaysian musician who holds Doctor of Musical Arts in Conducting Degree from the Eastman School of Music in New York. He stated that music education is an important part of Bachfest Malaysia, and hopes that this concert allows the younger generation to come into close contact with rich music culture, and increases their interest in classical music.

David Chin is a musician who truly loves and devotes himself to studying Bach’s music. In order to introduce Johann Sebastian Bach’s life and music to the public, he has translated and published the latest “BACH: A Pictorial Biography” by Dr. Michael Maul, a renowned Bach scholar in Germany. He has also produced “Encountering Bach”, a documentary filmed in Germany that explores Bach’s life and music. He was recently appointed as the Senior Fellow of Bach-Archiv Leipzig for his contribution in producing the Chinese version of the monumental Bach database website (

David Chin, who has abundant knowledge of Bach’s music, will personally lead the interactive family concert “Hello, Mr. Bach!” and introduce Bach’s music to the audience in a simple and understandable manner, with separate Chinese and English sessions (2 sessions each). The performance will be around 60 minutes, and there are also approximately 40 minutes of interesting interactive activities following the concert.

“Hello, Mr. Bach!” interactive family concert has a total of four performances on 27 & 28 May, (Saturday & Sunday) at 3pm and 7pm, ticket prices are RM68 for children (16 years old or below) and RM88 for adults (17 years old or above). “Groups of 20 or more” special discount is available for teachers and students by booking directly via WhatsApp at +6011-51431040. For individual tickets and more information about the performance, please visit

Image: Bachfest Malaysia

Bachfest Malaysia encourages the public to purchase tickets early and not to miss this extremely rare and unique musical opportunity.

Performance Information:

Theme: “Hello, Mr. Bach!” Interactive Family Concert

Date and Time:

  • May 27 (Saturday) 3PM (English session)
  • May 27 (Saturday) 7PM (Chinese session)
  • May 28 (Sunday) 3PM (Chinese session)
  • May 28 (Sunday) 7PM (English session)

Venue: KuASH Theatre @ Creative Centre for Children (Taman Tun Dr Ismail)

Ticket prices: RM68 for children (16 years old or below)

RM88 for adults (17 years old or above)

Discounts: “Groups of 20 or more” special discount is available for teachers and students by booking directly via WhatsApp at +6011-51431040

Online Ticket Booking:


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