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A vast majority of undocumented migrants work in so-called “3D jobs” – dirty, dangerous and demeaning professions.

At AFT.TV, we believe in providing a world view on Asia-Pacific. We have curated this series of documentaries in the effort to create greater understanding about the world we live and work in.

Millions live a life without any prospects. We meet entrepreneurs in Malaysia who are trying to give migrants back their dignity. With foreign workers contributing more than a third to Malaysia’s gross domestic product, migrants help shape the country’s economy and society. However, undocumented migrants tend to exist outside the formal infrastructure. Most of them work in low-skilled jobs in miserable conditions, often existing on the margins of society. Startup founders are helping improve the lives of migrants in Malaysia. This is Part 2 of 3. Presenter Bianca Preaetorius shared in a Facebook post:

DW Documentary are made by German broadcasters and international production companies. This particular edition was made a good friend of ours, Jules Rahman Ong of The Reel Media.

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