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[Korean Version] 덜 단 The Kurang Manis (Sugar,Less) Podcast by

Podcast [Korean Version]: 덜 단 The Kurang Manis (Sugar,Less) |

Hello 2022! We welcome the new year with a special Korean podcast version of highlights from Season 1 of The Kurang Manis (Sugar, Less) Podcast, voiced by four students of one of South Korea’s oldest private universities, Chosun University in Gwangju. The students were mentored by podcast co-hosts Nikki Yeo and Jasmine Low over a month, where they spent hours researching the topics, discussed as a group, translated articles from English to Korean ( and lent their voices to this recording. We hope this outreach will play a significant role in halving NCDs in the Asia Pacific region – as per Asia Fitness Today’s MISSION 2030.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these bite-sized pieces of information on lifestyle diseases. Learn more about The Kurang Manis (Sugar, Less) Podcast here:


Produced by Podcasts.

Producer and Editor Jasmine Low & Nikki Yeo.

Korean Version recorded by the individual students using their mobile devices.

English Podcast recorded at Sydney Podcast Studios.

All Rights Reserved, Go International Group Dotcom Sdn. Bhd.



Originally published in English between February – May 2021.

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