Singapore, 30 March 2020 (AFTNN/PRNEWS/GIG) – As the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak started to unfold and affect more individuals and businesses within the sport industry, Sport Singapore (SportSG) has been ramping up engagement with stakeholders to address the immediate challenges they face and to rally support for the physical distancing measures that are required during this period. We are heartened by the sense of responsibility and support that Sporting Singapore has by and large shown and we would like to thank everyone for playing their part. Sport has a large part to play in nurturing resilience and aspiration in individuals and society, and as many sectors are put to the test in this trying period, it is natural that Sporting Singapore should look for opportunity in crisis.

“This is the time for Sporting Singapore to come together to re-imagine how we can transform our industry to encourage and engage all in Singapore to live a healthy and fit lifestyle – one that would serve us well in this time and beyond.

It is an opportunity to upskill and invest in capabilities that will expand on the modalities for service delivery, and social networking and reinforcement for now and the future. If we win the day, we will see a healthier, resilient Singapore that leverages sport as a strategy to confront the disruptions in normal and abnormal circumstances.

A transformed industry with capacity and capabilities needed for long-term growth in participation and performance will serve Singapore better,”.

Lim Teck Yin, SportSG CEO

Assure – Addressing immediate challenges for the future

Training & Upskilling Opportunities

In cooperation with NTUC and WSG, SportSG’s training arms ActiveSG Training Centre and CoachSG are offering courses with SkillsFuture funding. Courses cover a range of topics from digital marketing to service excellence, as well as specialised subjects such as sports science. Self-employed persons (SEPs) are encouraged to submit their applications via e2i to enjoy training allowance announced under the Resilience Budget with effect from 1 Apr 2020. SportSG is also working with institutes of higher learning, such as Republic Polytechnic, to enhance course delivery and increase training capacity. Those who are interested may visit the following portal for courses and training opportunities:

Measures Announced Under the Unity & Resilience Budgets

In addition to SportSG’s support measures, individuals and businesses in the sport industry will also benefit from the slew of measures announced earlier under the Unity and Resilience Budgets. These range from the Job Support Scheme to the Self-Employed Person Training Support Scheme, and from job opportunities to rent waivers.

Job Opportunities

SportSG recognises the disruptions to jobs in sport and is therefore putting together temporary employment for workers in the sector whose livelihoods have been impacted. This includes the immediate provision of more than 500 opportunities for jobseekers and more than 5,000 training vacancies between now till end 2020. The first batch of temporary hires under this initiative started work today (30 March). These jobs are geared towards enabling continuing operations and industry development. SportSG is also partnering other organisations under the SGUnited Jobs banner. The job opportunity listings will be rolled out progressively on Workforce Singapore’s (WSG) SGUnited job portal and SportSG job portal at this link.

Inspire – Innovate and Transform Sporting Singapore Together

The ActiveSG Circle

While many sporting events and programmes have been suspended or cancelled, many Singaporeans have remained committed to stay active and healthy during this period – with more individuals exercising outdoors, and SportSG’s digital platforms seeing a viewership surge in its digital content for sport, exercise and wellness. This presents us with an opportunity to transform the sport ecosystem by creating a future where Singaporeans can engage in sport in ways they most prefer – at home or out in the parks or at sports facilities across the island. SportSG will catalyse and enhance development for a digital sport ecosystem, alongside the physical infrastructure and programmes that we know today. “The ActiveSG Circle concept opens up more options for Singaporeans to participate in sport in ways they prefer. It presents tremendous opportunities for us to tap on Sporting Singapore’s collective strengths and assets in content creation and customer engagement to turn this into a reality. New technology will be deployed, and new capabilities will be built as we move to bridge physical and virtual sporting experiences. We invite everyone who wants to be part of this exciting future to join up and contribute to turn this vision into a reality,” said Mr Lim.

The ActiveSG Circle will create a multi-sided marketplace with members of public, content creators and service providers. Through this platform, SportSG aims to upskill and enhance the business models of our coaches and fitness instructors in being able to provide different tiering of services, e.g. from freemium to premium offerings to the public. It will cover the full range of entertainment, training courses, virtual and blended programming and events, a marketplace for services and products, and promotions. This will allow industry greater access to data-enabled marketing and create more stable and sustainable conditions for their businesses.


Singapore GetActive! Singapore (GASG) is SportSG’s anchor event to celebrate National Day through sport every year since 2016. For the first time in five years, we will open up more opportunities within the event to partner with individuals, community groups and enterprises in the sport industry to ideate, design and deliver the event together. These new areas of opportunities are through Sport Festivals, Signature Competitions and Pesta Sukan Community Sport Competitions, on top of the annual Active Enabler Programmes. Grants and subsidies will be given to partners who can formulate creative ideas for Singaporeans to inspire the Singapore Spirit through sport, physically and/or virtually or through a blended model. Examples may include a virtual run or cycling competition, exercise parties that are distributed across Singapore, but linked up digitally to form a single mass participation event. The possibilities are limitless. GetActive! Singapore will start its activities now and build to a crescendo on National Day. Becoming healthier and fitter has everything to do with going through time together and keeping our spirits up. More details on grant applications will be announced very soon.

Unite – SG United

Thanking everyone for their support and cooperation in observing the guidelines issued to ensure physical distancing in sport facilities or during sport and physical activities, Mr Lim added: “SportSG will continue to work closely with the sport industry to move forward with optimism and confidence. We invite all stakeholders to share your ideas on what else we can do together. We are committed to work alongside you. This current situation presents an opportunity to strengthen and transform Sporting Singapore and to inspire the Singapore Spirit.”

For updated information on the COVID-19 situation, please visit SportSG’s website at

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