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Sustainable farming by the original guardians of the forests

AFT RECOMMENDS the OA Organik series of videos, showcasing the Orang Asli (OA) or aboriginal / original people of Malaysia. The Malaysian Ministry of Education reported that 42.29% of OA students did not complete Form Five high school education. There’s so much that can be done for the OA community and this story highlights a project spearheaded a local non-profit organisation that has picked up the ASEAN The Struggles Of Education: The Extraordinary Effort Of Fazilah Apong To Complete School – OA Organik (  

In each video, you’ll listen to the authentic voices of the Orang Asli community in Malaysia, working as Organic Farmers in a unique collaboration with the Foundation for Community Studies and Development (FOCUSED), or YKPM in the Malay language, a registered nonprofit organisation that was founded on 22 September 1993. YKPM accepts tax-deductible donations and is a registered society – Society Reg. No.: 276769-D with the aim to empower left-behind communities, both rural and urban, by working alongside them.

On World’s Indigenous Peoples’ Day (9th August), a fairtrade community enterprise launched a series of video explainers to share how they partner with the Orang Asli (indigenous people) at Ulu Gumum and Melai of Malaysia. Through organic farming, OA Organik has helped lift many Orang Asli households from poverty and earn an income. The project aims to build a green economy and fight for climate justice.

Through organic farming, the Orang Asli (OA) are indirectly protecting Malaysia’s largest natural resource: the rainforest. With just RM1 million, the OA can set up a collection center and provide fair markets for 20 OA villages. This will improve livelihoods and empower them to conserve their forest.

Meet the Orang Asli – Organic Farmers and Guardians of the Forest –
OA Organik: Restoring Dignity
OA Organik: Forging Unity
OA Organik: Farm Nutrition
OA Organik: Forest Custodians
OA Voices 05: Forest Water –
OA Voices 06: Forest Crafts –
OA Voices 07: Forest Recreation –
OA Voices 08: Forest Herbs –

Learn more about YKPM and OA Organik by visiting their websites: or

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