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The Kurang Manis Playlist

Help! I’m pre-diabetic! The Kurang Manis (Sugar, Less) Podcast goes in search of ways to avoid diabetes. We interview health & fitness personalities from Asia and the Pacific; athletes, medical doctors, allied health professionals, fitness & wellness experts and people living with diabetes. Co-hosts Nikki Yeo & Jasmine Low chat over a cuppa tea! In Malaysia, it’s the Teh Tarik, made frothy by swift hand movements of a tea-pulling expert but 8tsp of condensed milk in one cup?! Kurang manis, boss! Less sugar please…

In each episode of The Kurang Manis (Sugar, Less) Podcast, our producers have selected music to complement and celebrate the essence of the personalities of our guest speakers (click on links below to view the interviews with each guest speaker). Here’s the playlist for your enjoyment:

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