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Update (26 August 2021): Tickets for the Coway Run 2021: Run for Your Region has sold out within 24 hours of launch! But fret not as additional tickets will be on sale soon!

After months of lockdown and work-from-home mandates, Malaysians have had their fill of sitting around at home. With our current sedentary and isolated lifestyles, many of us may be looking for some extra motivation to stay healthy, or craving for ways to connect with each other safely. 

This is precisely why Coway Malaysia is organising Coway Run 2021: Run for Your Region this September; its first inter-regional virtual run that combines fun, healthy living, and community spirit in one exciting event. Kicking off on 23 September until 23 October, the month-long run allows participants to run anytime and anywhere — as long as they keep their feet moving to log in those kilometres.

Being an inter-regional event, this year’s run will see participants teaming up by region (Northern, Central, Southern, East Coast and East Malaysia) for a friendly nationwide competition. Within their teams, runners are encouraged to rack up as many kilometres as they can — the team with the highest average distance per person will be crowned as the overall winner. With five regional teams in the race, this is the perfect opportunity for runners to display their home-town pride and show off what their fellow statesmen are capable of.  At the same time, runners can also indulge in the shared experience with their peers from all across the country.

On an individual level, participants this year can expect an even more interactive experience. To keep runners motivated throughout the month, Coway Run 2021 has ramped up its “gamified” approach to inject a bit more fun and variety in the participants’ running journey. 

While participants can choose to run anywhere they please, they will also have access to a “live” map of their route which will display their progress visually. In addition to this, runners can also collect virtual achievement badges for every 5KM milestone reached.

Those keen on philanthropy will be excited to learn that Coway Run 2021 has “tripled” its commitment to doing good, with three different causes linked to the run. As with previous years, for every ticket sold, Coway will contribute RM10 to Happy Water Project, their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative to deliver clean water to impoverished Orang Asli communities across the country. 

Coway Run 2021 has also set a nationwide goal for participants to collectively achieve 200,000KM. Once participants hit this milestone, Coway Malaysia will donate a total of RM200,000 to three non-governmental organisations (NGOs) – EcoKnights, MERCY Malaysia and Reef Check Malaysia. An act that will surely inspire runners to work together and give it their all. 

Finally, this year will also see a big change in the type of merchandise runners will receive in their Starter Kits. In a bid to encourage environmental awareness among participants and spark an eco-friendly movement, most items from the Coway Run 2021 merchandise (including medals) will be either recyclable or made from recycled materials. 

Of course, no Coway Run is complete without amazing prizes for exceptional participants. The winning regional team will be given the chance to take part in a bonus lucky draw and win exclusive Coway products. Meanwhile, the top runners who log in the most kilometres will each receive a special reward. 

Whether you are just starting your fitness journey, or a seasoned runner looking to get back into the scene, Coway Run 2021 is the perfect chance for you to not only connect with like-minded running enthusiasts, but also a fun way of giving back to the community. 

The run is open to all Malaysian citizens or residents aged 16 and above, and participants must register online at the Coway Run 2021 website before 23 October 2021. To automatically record the distance covered during the run, participants can make use of the free app Strava and sync it to their Coway Run profile. Alternatively, they may also manually upload screenshots of their logs in other running or fitness apps suggested in the Coway Run website, to show their KM achieved in their Coway Run account.

So, let’s harness our sense of pride and be part of this virtual run scene while burning the calories with family and friends – ticket rate starts from RM39 per head!

To find out more information and sign up for the run, kindly visit: 

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