“Blinded By Sugar” tells the story of Neil Hansell, a man who woke one morning blind in both eyes due to neglect of his diabetes. In this confronting 20-minute keynote presentation, Dr Muecke discusses why type 2 diabetes is a growing worldwide epidemic and explores a number of strategies to curb the toxic impact of sugar on our health.

Source: James Muecke’s YouTube Channel

An in-depth interview

We’ve been researching the work by ophthalmologist Dr. James Muecke earlier this year, having come across an article about his Australian of the Year 2020 award presented by the PM Scott Morrison. Dr. Muecke made headlines recently following his speech at the National Press Club on 1st December 2020. In that memorable speech, he speaks about a possible sugar tax as a solution to reducing the alarming rate of millions Australians presenting type 2 diabetes or are pre-diabetic. Rachel Clun of the Sydney Morning Herald summarises it well here.

AFTNN will be conducting a special interview with Dr. Muecke in the coming months and we really look forward to bringing his message to more people in the Asia Pacific region – home to two-thirds of the world’s population, sharing his ideas and proposed solutions on curbing the disease.

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