• BPU Holdings, an Artificial Emotional Intelligence Company Has Surpassed a 6,000 Shareholder Benchmark in the New Year

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Pioneer of Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI), BPU Holdings (BPU) had another successful year as the demand for its shares grows, hitting the 6,000 stakeholders mark in just the span of a year.

Founded in 2012, BPU has built ZimOS, the world’s first Artificial Emotional Intelligent operating system platform. Since the launch of ZimOS, BPU has thrived globally establishing offices in Las Vegas in 2016, as BPU International and in Bosnia Herzegovina in 2018, as BPU Europe. Recently, BPU has partnered with the United States National Science Foundation (USNSF) and University of Arizona to develop BPU’s automated AEI assistant, aiMei Framework. aiMei is an AEI chatbot that can assist physicians to detect signs of dementia and delirium. With the ever-increasing innovations BPU is leading, the company has seen an increase in stock value and shareholder demands. This has been the result of the growing interest the company has experienced.

CEO of BPU Holdings, Oh SangGyoon says, “Our Values are: People, Portfolio, Partners, Profit and Productivity. With that, we understand the importance of long-term return to our stakeholders. We are thrilled to see an enthusiasm within our investors and key stakeholders in the recent activity and growth.”

BPU seeks to bring an envisioned roadmap for 2019 and will continue for focus on their Mission of generating the most advanced, usable, secure and innovative Artificial Emotional Intelligence technology in the world.

About BPU Holdings

BPU Holdings is dedicated to generating the first Artificial Emotional Intelligent (AEI) platform — ZimOS. ZimOS is the foundation of AEI. Artificial Intelligence (AI) emulates how people think — AEI emulates how people feel.

BPU International is dedicated to generating the most advanced, usable, secure and innovative Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI) technology in the world. AEI technology advances the human condition by providing rigorous tools to improve emotional intelligence.

BPU gives back. Our acronym translates to ‘Bae-Pum’ in Korean; which means ‘to give away‘. We strive to do exactly that as we have set our company Articles to allocate 30% of our Company’s profit to the public good.

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