Physta® is a patented extract from the Malaysian plant root, Tongkat Ali. The water-soluble extract has been through numerous clinical studies to determine its impact on the human body including, but not limited to, strength, performance and overall health.

Using natural ingredients, the JacSport’s secret weapon is Physta® Tongkat Ali. Whereas most energy drinks come in cans, the drink is available to consumers in easy-to-carry sachets to mix with a recommended 250ml of warm water. The FDA approved pre-workout and recovery drink promises to give more energy and shortens recovery time after a workout.

Some of the studies on the extract have shown that, compared to other extracts of Tongkat Ali, Physta®  has proven to support energy and recovery from fatigue, and shown improvement in muscle strength and size in both men and women. It was also shown to maintain normal levels of the stress hormone cortisol and a healthy high levels of testosterone for overall anabolic muscle state during intense endurance exercise tested on mountain bikers.

JacSport is 100% safe with no long-term side effects, this whey-protein-chocolate malt drink is also able to promote blood circulation, and boost a lethargic body and mind.

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