AFT Podcasts presenter, Jasmine Low meets with International Actress, Che Puan Sarimah Ibrahim to discuss mental wellness.

“Why not just reinvest in yourself?”

“We deserve to thrive not just survive,”

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Welcome to the Listen by Heart Podcast, where we feature Stories from Women of the South China Sea. I’m Jasmine Low and today, I will be joined by Che Puan Sarimah Ibrahim, a woman with many talents. I remember watching her present MTV music videos, emceeing events on television, she even had her own talk show. In her IMDb profile, she is an Actor, TV Host, Model, Voice Over, Emcee, Singer, Presenter, Mental Health Spokesperson, Fitness model and recently, loving wife and mother to a three-year-old (now four-year-old).

In preparing for this interview, Sarimah answers some of my queries in between rehearsals to emcee a black-tie event that was attended by Malaysian royalty, key members of the industry producers, directors and casts. It’s a huge evening, she tells me, and I can imagine the nerves building up in preparation for such an amazing night. 

She is Muslim, Irish-Asian who is strong minded, resilient, she has a Western Asian vibe and holds tightly to her Islamic faith.

She has been to mosques, churches, the bottom of the ocean to the clouds! She has seen life through a grandmother who tapped rubber at 4am in Johor to make ends meet, an Irish orphaned grandmother who was raised in a monastery and raised 8 children. 

Sarimah took a sabbatical from the entertainment industry having found her soulmate, getting married and starting a family. 

I met Sarimah thanks to a LinkedIn recommendation by a mutual friend Dina Zaman, and we connected to discuss her work in mental health advocacy. Sarimah, welcome!

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