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We welcome contributors interested to write for although all content will need to be verified by our advisory panel and editors. Share your knowledge with our readers and spread the good news towards living better and healthier lives.

Our editorial team will work with you to verify claims and improve your message. We work with writers across the planet and welcome your voice to our platform.

Guidelines: covers fitness, health and wellness articles that are backed by science. One of our core missions, is to promote rhythm and movement as therapy so if you have stories surrounding this topic, we’d love to hear from you. We also cover areas on men’s and women’s health, relationships, beauty, and our environment. If you feel like your story is something our readers would love, tell us about it!


  • Share your knowledge: Have you spent a considerable amount of time practising as fitness instructor? Are you certified? Tell our readers about your journey!
  • Headline: Write a catchy headline and a brief summary of your article. Call it an ‘elevator pitch’ where readers would just catch a glimpse of a 10 second introduction and decide if they wish to read further.
  • Unique and first time published: Articles submitted to must not have been published elsewhere online (if it’s your personal blog, it’s acceptable) or slated for distribution on other sites. It needs to be uniquely produced for
  • Credibility: Please quote your sources and do not simply claim or state statistics without a link to where you got it from. Put your source links in brackets:(url of source link]

Submission details:

  • Email your article to
  • In the email subject, type in: “Submission of Article (Add Title) by (Add your Full Name)”
  • Send us your bio (100 words) with links to your website and social media links
  • Send us a photo to include with your bio

Please note that we read through every email we receive but we are unable to reply to every submission. If your post has been accepted, we will respond within 2 weeks.

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