Following a statement released on 20 January 2020, the Federation Aeronautic International (FAI) and Turkish Aeronautical Association (THK) have announced that the FAI World Air Games in Turkey have been moved from 2020 to September 2022.

In a statement signed by FAI President Robert Henderson and THK President A. Bertan Nogaylaroğlu both organisations committed to “supercharging” the FAI World Air Games to provide an “exciting, engaging, professional and safe global event”.

The statement added: “We will combine all aspects of the FAI World Air Games to provide a strong legacy for future air sports and aviation activities in THK and the FAI.”

The FAI World Air Games is a multi-sport air sports event held every few years. The last FAI World Air Games was held in Dubai, UAE in 2015.

The FAI World Air Games in Turkey 2022 will be the fifth edition of the Games.

FAI President Bob Henderson said: “This has not been an easy decision to make. However it has been taken with all interests at heart and with a long-term and strategic view. The FAI World Air Games is the flagship event of the Federation and, as such, we must make sure that it be held in optimal conditions. The FAI will take this opportunity to discuss internally the future of the Games taking all FAI stakeholders’ best interests in consideration. “Since the start, the FAI, including the FAI Office and the Sports Commissions, has been working hard on the preparations for the event with our esteemed Member THK. We are grateful to our Turkish friends and thank them for all their efforts.”

Information about the future FAI World Air Games events will be communicated in due course.


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