“God lies in the details, waiting to be discovered”, is the thought that has inspired CGH Earth Wellness from the very beginning, and the non-negotiable core values of Environmental Sensitivity, benefiting community and being local have always been their constant guide

As the pace of the modern lifestyle continues to pick up speed, most people rely on making unhealthier lifestyle and dietary choices as a way to destress. Unfortunately, this has witnessed detrimental consequences on the health of the global population. According to estimates by the World Health Organization (WHO), over 650 million adults above the age of 18 were obese in 2016. In light of World Obesity Day happening on 11 October, join CGH Earth Wellness on a journey back to the simplicity and purity of ancient Indian lifestyles to fight weight management issues and improve overall well-being. 

Holistic Healing

Just as the onset of obesity is triggered by the accumulation of numerous undesirable lifestyle habits, the success of its treatment stems from making strategic changes to various aspects of one’s lifestyle. At CGH Earth Wellness, ancient Indian practices provide the foundation to undergo effective weight loss by heightening mental, physical and spiritual well-being

CGH Earth Wellness adopts a holistic healing approach tailored to each individual

With a plethora of treatment possibilities available to combat obesity, CGH Earth Wellness adopts a holistic healing approach tailored to each individual. According to Ayurvedic principles, treating conditions such as obesity requires intervention that considers the crucial totality of our overall well-being. At NABH-accredited Kalari Kovilakom and Kalari Rasayana, consult certified Vaidyas (Sanskrit word meaning “physician”) for an extensive examination of your body to understand your Doshas, or body constitution. Dr. Jouhar, Vaidya at Kalari Kovilakom, shares, “The three Doshas – Vatha, Pitha and Kapha are of equal importance in the aetiology of obesity. The first step in addressing obesity is hence to balance the Doshas. Dosha imbalance stems from the accumulation of toxins in the body and can be reversed once such impurities are removed from the body’s systems.” 

Through a systematic programme that takes place over 14 to 28 days, manage obesity with treatments such as Udwarthanam – a massage designed to remove adipose fat and Vasthies – a medicated enema to improve metabolism. Such processes eliminate excess cellulite deposits and utilise fats effectively, helping to purify the body and prevent diseases for better wellness. 

CGH Earth’s Ayurveda Meal Preparation

Across all CGH Earth wellness centres, a salubrious food philosophy permeates the gastronomic experience delivered to guests. Using fresh, ingredients and produce from local village farmers engaging in good agricultural practices, meal preparation focuses on helping each individual attain a healthy weight as prescribed by the doctors based on the reason behind their weight gain. The culinary team works in tandem with the healing ethos, remaining fiercely dedicated to nourishing the individual’s body and soul with needed goodness and vitality. 

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Testament to the adage, the school of Ayurveda speaks of establishing a deep connection with the self to be better attuned to body signals and rebalance the Doshas to nip obesity in the bud. 

Get in touch with your inner self at SwaSwara, a sanctuary to nurture your Prakruti, the innermost nature of an individual. Located on the serene Om Beach in Gokarana, SwaSwara believes that the combination of yoga and meditation strengthens the body while embracing the inner self, allows the body and mind to converge in a harmonious equilibrium for a deep understanding of the self. 

At Prakriti Shakti, a clinic of natural living or naturopathy, obesity treatments are about both eliminating the root cause and engaging in preventive cure. By integrating the five elements into healing in the form of energy medicine, art therapy, yoga and meditation and more, the doctors in naturopathy healing work on the ‘doctor is the teacher’ philosophy – helping you awaken the innate healing force to repair and rejuvenate your mind and body. For lasting results, guests are advised to incorporate the prescribed personal schedule into their daily lives, one that involves yoga, dietary recommendations and lifestyle changes curated based on each individual’s mental and physical health. 

Rest and Recharge

Dining space at CGH Earth Kovilakom

Beyond taking a holistic approach towards the treatment and prevention of obesity, getting ample rest remains the key to slowing down the growth of rising obesity rates worldwide. With consistent sleep cycles lasting between seven to nine hours each night, the human body is placed under the perfect conditions to restore one’s mental and physical health. 

CGH Earth Wellness firmly believes that the quality of rest is dependent on one’s environment. Across its various retreats, CGH Earth offers the peace and quiet you deserve in your escapade from the hustle of urban living. Be it the gentle caress of the Paravur backwaters at Kalari Rasayana, the pure and unpolluted hills of Panchalimedu that house Prakriti Shakti 2,500 feet above sea-level, or the privacy within the walls of SwaSwara’s villas, enjoy uninterrupted rest in the abode that resonates best with your inner voice. 

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