The Nyra app is available on Apple and Google app store

Vivant, the digital health technology start-up, today announces the launch of ‘Nyra’ in Bahasa Malaysia to help women of all ages seamlessly track their feminine health, fertility and fitness – allowing them to better manage their wellbeing, schedules and avoid surprises.

Nyra is designed as a one-stop solution for women of all ages juggling multiple health and wellness goals to accurately track their period, fertility, ovulation, as well as physical activity, symptoms and diet. From information entered into the app, Nyra provides personalised health and fertility insights, giving women full control over the entire feminine health journey – from preconception to pregnancy and post-pregnancy. 

In addition, Nyra’s market-leading in-app chat feature allows women to connect directly with a doctor at their fingertips, for private one-to-one conversations on health matters including fertility, contraception, sexual health and everything in between. The app also enables women to keep track of medication and supplement intake through customisable reminders.

Adrit Raha, Chief Executive Officer, Vivant said, “We are seeing a major opportunity to tap into the potential of digital platforms to transform women’s health in Malaysia, as well as the rest of Asia and the Middle East. While women’s health can be a sensitive subject in Malaysia, Nyra aims to empower women to break through existing barriers and take full control of every aspect of their feminine health and wellbeing, informed by accurate and personalised health insights.” 

Nyra is the first product launched by Vivant under its Nyra women’s health brand, which expects to see an expanded range of products in the region across the women’s health spectrum including pregnancy, post-pregnancy care and re-entering the workplace. 

At Vivant we see an incredible opportunity for growth in Malaysia as consumers are increasingly turning to digital channels to manage aspects of their daily lives such as banking and shopping. Health is a traditionally underserved area that is starting to see strong demand. We are excited to bring Nyra and its spectrum of capabilities to this dynamic market as e-health begins to truly take off,” added Vishal Doshi, Director, Malaysia.

Nyra is available on Apple and Google app stores.

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