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Deemples, the region’s leading golf startup, is proud to announce the addition of adidas Golf and W Kuala Lumpur as sponsors for the Deemples Monthly Medal- a golf tournament organised by the startup on a monthly basis. W Kuala Lumpur and adidas Golf will sponsor prizes for these tournaments, which include hotel stays, spa and F&B vouchers as well as golf apparel and accessories.

David Wong, CEO and Co-Founder of Deemples

David Wong, the CEO and Co-Founder of Deemples, welcomes the sponsorships for Deemples’ monthly tournaments, saying, “Having the support of amazing brands like adidas Golf and W Kuala Lumpur for the Deemples Monthly Medals is validation that we’re on the right track with all our efforts. We host these monthly medals to provide an opportunity for golfers to come and compete fairly, regardless of their skill level. That’s what the golf handicap is for, so everyone can play on a level playing field. W Kuala Lumpur and adidas Golf saw that no one in the industry was doing something like this, and they wanted to be a part of it.”

Revitalizing the Malaysian golf industry

The partnership between W Kuala Lumpur, adidas Golf and Deemples is a positive sign for the golfing community in Malaysia. Both brands bring validation, credibility and the strength of brand name to the sport, bringing excitement to the community.

Eileen Fong, Senior Manager at adidas Golf Malaysia, said, “adidas Golf has always believed in supporting the growth of golf and making it accessible to one and all. Deemples has been working in that direction across Southeast Asia as a driving force in revitalising the sport. adidas Golf is happy to work with Deemples in making sure their goals are met so that all golfers can have access to the game irrespective of when and where.”

In addition to sponsoring the Deemples Monthly Medal, adidas Golf is also sponsoring prizes for all competitions organised by the Kuala Lumpur Golfers Club (KLGC) until September 2019. The KLGC is a golf society, which organises 15 games per month exclusively using the Deemples app and handicap system.

Christian Metzner, General Manager at W Kuala Lumpur, shared, “As an avid golfer myself, exercise is a part of my lifestyle and I would like to incorporate some fun and social elements to it, hence the partnership with Deemples. With this collaboration, we want to introduce Golf as something that even the younger generation can enjoy, giving them the energy to look and feel good.”

The Deemples app helps find golfing buddies

Deemples is the region’s “uber for golf”, helping golfers find buddies across five countries in Southeast Asia – Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, The Philippines and Brunei. Built with passion, Deemples is helping educate people about the game of golf and building an ecosystem for players, golf courses and brands to grow the sport across the region.

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