The Deemples app helps find golfing buddies

Malaysia-headquartered golfing startup Deemples, popularly known as “the Uber for golfers”, is a golf app that allows users to find a golf partner to play with whenever and wherever.

Launched in 2017 with the aim of helping people find golf buddies and enabling them to organise games at preferred locations and time slots, Deemples has become a popular service among the golfing community, including golfers, golf courses and even golf tournament organisers. 

Deemples is a free app for golfers to help find, match and connect with other golfers whenever and wherever they are, to play a game of golf. It is currently present in five countries across Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, The Philippines and Brunei. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

What types of games can you join or create on Deemples 

There are 3 game types in Deemples: 

  • Single flight 
  • Multi Flight 
  • Driving range 

Single flight is designed if you want to get a quick foursome in. It’s the most used game type by the majority of our golfers. Multi Flight was designed for larger groups, that perhaps hosts 2-3 flights over the weekend, or a social club that organises 5-6 flights every week, or a golf club or event organiser that wants to organise a full-fledged 36-flight tournament. Multi Flight makes it much easier for event organisers to coordinate, update, and communicate with their participants. 

Driving Range is designed so that Deemples caters not only to existing golfers but also to new golfers that want to get into the game. Golf is intimidating enough, where it’s tough for golf newbies to find out where to go, what to buy, what to bring, who to go with, what to wear, etc. We didn’t want new golfers to have to go through this alone, hence the creation of the Driving Range game type. Today, golf coaches and academies take advantage of this feature to also create clinics that enable new golfers or even seasoned golfers to have access to golf instruction and golf coaching at the driving range. 

Deemples is helping calculate golf handicaps 

Deemples scoring platform doesn’t allow you to key in your own scores, making it the fairest handicap system available. At the end of your game, you can key in your playing partner’s adjusted gross scores after applying equitable stroke control, but you cannot key in your own scores. Once you have at least 5 scores submitted by others on Deemples, the app will then calculate your handicap index and revise it every time a new score is submitted. This allows you to have a most trusted, peer-reviewed, peer-inputted, peer-approved handicap which you can apply on all your golf games. 

Remember, the Deemples handicap is not sanctioned by any local or international golf association, so it won’t be valid to use for official tournaments. But you may definitely use it for your personal calculations, and hopefully one day everyone will learn to embrace the fairness and methodology of the Deemples handicap system. 


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