HomeTeamNS has over 200,000 memberships with five conveniently located clubhouses in Singapore

The new 21,000sqm Khatib Clubhouse comes sustainably designed with many first of-its-kind facilities and a plethora of amenities 

HomeTeamNS has opened the new Khatib Clubhouse, the first-ever ‘smart’ clubhouse in Singapore equipped with digital capabilities, eco-friendly innovations and multiple first-of-its-kind facilities. 

HomeTeamNS is a non-profit organisation set up to recognise the invaluable contributions of the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) NSmen to the safety and security of the nation. HomeTeamNS aims to build a greater sense of camaraderie amongst SPF and SCDF NSmen by providing a shared environment for them to network and build bonds through sporting and social activities. 

The Khatib Clubhouse had its groundbreaking ceremony on 12 July 2018 and is purpose-built with the needs of Home Team National Servicemen (NSmen) in mind. The 21,000 square metre five-storey clubhouse is located within walking distance of Khatib MRT station and has an ‘urban retreat’ theme. It caters to NSmen from the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), in recognition and appreciation of their contributions towards Singapore’s safety and security, and leverages technology to provide an engaging experience for them and their families. 

“The opening of the HomeTeamNS Khatib Clubhouse is very timely, given that we are also celebrating our 15th Anniversary this year. HomeTeamNS has come a long way since its inception in 2005. This year, we celebrate the bond between our Home Team NSmen and their families under the theme ‘We are Family’,” said Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, President of HomeTeamNS. “To encourage and help foster better relationships between our men and their families, HomeTeamNS will introduce new family-centric initiatives and membership rewards in the upcoming months,” he added.

Ms Agnes Eu, Chief Executive of HomeTeamNS, said: “Since the groundbreaking ceremony in 2018, various HomeTeamNS committees, including our Development Committee and Advisory Panel, have been heavily involved in the planning and development of the new Khatib Clubhouse. We are pleased to unveil what promises to be an innovative and unique experience for NSmen, by NSmen, and where members of the HomeTeamNS community can bond through social, recreational and sporting activities.” 

“The Clubhouse and its offerings are sustainably designed and purpose-built to cater to the needs and aspirations of current and future generations of the HomeTeamNS community, and to foster Home Team identity and pride,” Ms Eu added. “Through the introduction of unique experiences supported by eco-conscious technology, we aim to lead the change and inspire new benchmarks for how clubhouses operate – in terms of design, facilities and offerings.” 

HomeTeamNS’ Khatib Clubhouse boasts a number of firsts in the history of clubhouses in Singapore. They are: 

1) Largest Multi-Installation Indoor Adventure Hub 

Spanning 2,800 square metres across four storeys, Adventure HQ is Singapore’s largest multi-installation indoor hub – complete with ten kaleidoscopic installations that cater to thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies of all levels. 

The all-weather facility, which features dynamic obstacle and aerial installations designed for recreational activity, cohesion-bonding and team-building activities, is home to many firsts, including: 

• Singapore’s first indoor Roll Glider at 233m long 

• Singapore’s longest indoor slide at 14m long 

• Singapore’s first 165m-long indoor artificial caving 

• Singapore’s first-of-its-kind 15m Cloud Climb 

• Singapore’s biggest two-tiered, 16-obstacle indoor challenge rope course 

Adventure HQ at Khatib also comes with a variety of high and low obstacles such as a ninja course, sensory adventure trails and various rock and boulder climbing walls.

2) Indoor Player versus Player (PvP) Airsoft Arena 

Due to open in Q4 2020, TactSim, Singapore’s first indoor Player versus Player (PvP) airsoft arena is designed as an indoor Tactical Simulator to help Home Team NSmen improve their marksmanship, decision-making and leadership skills in an urban environment. Offering a range of realistic equipment and unique gameplay environment, TactSim features multiple programming possibilities incorporating realistic security-related and emergency scenarios. 

Participants can engage in skirmishes or scenario games against each other in groups of up to 40 players per game, using airsoft replicas that launch 6mm plastic pellets at safe velocities. In compliance with prevailing COVID-19 Safe Management Measures, the group size is currently limited to ten players (five against five per game). Catering to all levels of airsoft enthusiasts, TactSim comes with one target shooting range and two PvP airsoft arenas specially equipped with advanced moving wall panels, creating a different environment for every round and maximising gameplay experience. 

3) Peranakan-themed Indoor Playground 

At 650 square metres, T-Play Khatib is the only Peranakan-themed indoor playground in Singapore, inspired by the pioneering spirit of early Peranakans and the vibrant colours and images associated with the culture. In partnership with The Intan, Singapore’s award-winning Peranakan Home Museum, HomeTeamNS has incorporated Singapore’s rich Peranakan culture into the playground at T-Play Khatib, where parents and their children can appreciate Peranakan culture through a unique and enjoyable audio, visual and sensory experience. 

The indoor children’s playground encourages parent-child bonding through interactive structures and play elements that are designed to allow children to freely express their creativity. Key highlights include a climbing slide tunnel, sports pitch, a foam ball shooting arena, an interactive trampoline, ball pit and a ninja course, all conceptualised to engage the child’s brain development, motion coordination and sense of direction.

Range of other facilities for all ages 

The new Khatib clubhouse also comes equipped with a range of other recreational facilities and F&B outlets to cater to the needs of the HomeTeamNS community, including four ManCaves decked out with the latest entertainment gizmos and a private BBQ patio. The ManCaves come in two sizes –55 square metres (“Regular) and 90 square metres (“Deluxe”). These ManCaves make the perfect urban hangout spaces for NSmen to gather, rekindle friendships and build camaraderie. 

The clubhouse is also home to the largest and only Fitness Workz Premium gym, spanning 1,500 square metres. Fully loaded with state-of-the-art equipment and nine premium workout zones, Fitness Workz Premium comes equipped with an assortment of cardiovascular machines, functional and conditioning training via first-of-its-kind Guardians Bridge, a free and plate-loaded weights zone, as well as a mezzanine floor for both fitness courses and unique boxing vault sessions. Fitness Workz Premium also comes with an Endless Ladder, which SCDF firefighters use to improve their limb coordination and cardiovascular stamina. This underscores HomeTeamNS’ efforts in providing specialised training equipment to specifically meet our NSmen’s fitness needs. 

Aside from the new and exciting facilities available at HomeTeamNS Khatib, the clubhouse will also house many popular F&B, entertainment, recreational and educational outlets. 

To ensure the safety and well-being of all visitors, Safe Management Measures are in place across all HomeTeamNS clubhouses, including Khatib.

Shaping an energy-efficient environment 

Designed by the award-winning DP Architects in collaboration with Architectural engineering firm WSP, the Khatib Clubhouse was built with a sustainable and community-oriented mandate in mind. Accorded the BCA Green Mark Platinum certification, the clubhouse comes with energy-efficiency features, such as charging stations for electric cars, solar panels, smart lighting controls, rainwater harvesting and more. 

Sustainable innovations that help offset overall energy consumption include the multiple volume indoor arena which utilises passive cooling and open air breeze, consuming no more electricity than the equivalent of one light bulb, and approximately 1,370 square metres of solar photovoltaic panels housed on the rooftop which can generate 198,000 kWh of electricity annually. The clubhouse’s new rainwater harvesting system will also play a significant role in water conservation.

HomeTeamNS Khatib is also the first clubhouse in Singapore to incorporate an ECO filtration system for its swimming pool, which sanitises the water without the need for chemicals like chlorine, and has twice the lifetime usage of conventional decontamination methods. The ECO filtration system also requires less water for cleaning, saving up to 30 per cent of water. 

Clubhouse 3.0 

In a bid to create seamless online-to-offline experiences, the clubhouse will also leverage technology to help better engage members, providing them with a comfortable and seamless visitation experience. The new digital offerings will cater to the changing needs and aspirations of current and future generations of NSmen, and their families. 

Innovations such as self-service kiosks and “chatbots” will allow members to renew their membership, make payments and book facilities with greater ease. 

The HomeTeamNS Mobile App will allow members to access these features on the go, and check crowd levels and access member-exclusive facilities via their digital membership card across all HomeTeamNS clubhouses. HomeTeamNS membership rewards and benefits can also be redeemed via this app. 

HomeTeamNS 15th Anniversary – Celebrating Family 

In appreciation of the Lifesavers (Singapore Civil Defence Force) and Protectors (Singapore Police Force), HomeTeamNS is celebrating its 15th Anniversary with the theme “We are Family”, focusing on helping Home Team NSmen foster stronger relationships with their loved ones. 

To commemorate this anniversary, a series of exciting family-centric initiatives will be rolled out in the coming months. The rewards and incentives will include membership and clubhouse tenant promotions. More information will be provided in October 2020. 

Do follow HomeTeamNS’ Facebook page, for the latest updates. More details on the Khatib Clubhouse can be found on https://www.hometeamns.sg/khatib/. Members can also download the HomeTeamNS mobile app via https://www.hometeamns.sg/mobile-app/

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