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Pioneering health and wellness resort, Chiva-Som in Hua Hin, Thailand, has recently introduced its Online Intensive Wellness Series. The new service offers interactive sessions, designed to gradually enhance participants’ knowledge, strengthen abilities, and most importantly, promote maximum benefit for health and wellbeing. Each series includes a virtual health consultation with Chiva-Som’s expert wellness advisors, to ensure each course is suitably matched to individual wellness goals and needs. Chiva-Som kicks off the Online Intensive Wellness Series with a six-week Pilates program to restore physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

For the last 25 years, Chiva-Som has been a pioneer and leading voice in facilitating wellness lifestyle transformation through innovative health retreats and expert advice on evidence-based natural wellness practices. Whilst travel restrictions remain in place, the new Online Intensive Wellness Series will connect individuals with the resort’s wellness team to provide bespoke professional support from the comfort of home.

Stress is a detrimental contributing factor to society worldwide and can increase the risk of   long-term health issues such as heart attacks and diabetes, a weakened immune system and insomnia, to name a few. Designed by Chiva-Som’s expert team of wellness advisors and practitioners, the resort’s tailored six week Pilates Intensive Series enables participants to not only improve joint strength and posture, but also receive a full-body workout whilst alleviating stress and tension, contributing to a healthier mental and emotional state of mind.

Following an online consultation with Chiva-Som’s expert Health and Wellness advisors, participants are introduced to their personal fitness trainer to discuss physical abilities before receiving a bespoke programme. Each week, sessions will focus on a new topic, from Core Management and Axial Elongation; Healthy Spine; Head, Neck and Shoulder Organisation; Alignment and Weight Bearing Exercise; and Movement Integration. Following the session, participants are expected to continue their own practice throughout the week before moving on to the next session.

Expanding on the popular Chiva-Som Online Wellness Services, individuals can now access a wider collection of resort treatments to enhance and support their wellness goals, including Nutritional Consultation, Pilates on Mat, Corrective Posture Exercise and Pranayama. Starting from THB 2,500 (AU $110), participants will be able to speak directly to the experienced wellness team live from home via video link communication and receive personalised feedback regarding lifestyle and nutrition.

Within the Online Intensive Wellness Series, the Pilates series is priced at THB 9,500 (AU $420). 

For more information or to a book a programme, please contact Chiva-Som’s Health & Wellness Reception team Email: Phone: +66 (0) 3253 6791 Web:

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