The OG of all indoor cycling programs has turned 100 – and Les Mills Asia Pacific is marking the occasion by hosting RPM 100 celebrations, powered by 100 BODY BIKES, at Carriageworks in Sydney, Australia on Sunday 12 November, 2023.

Locally and globally, RPM is one of the most popular workouts from pre-choreographed group fitness juggernaut Les Mills. And this November, Les Mills Asia Pacific will be celebrating a major milestone for the program, when they launch the 100* Release.

RPM® is a group indoor cycling workout where participants control the intensity. It’s fun, low impact and can burn up to 500 calories a session! Set to great music, each class takes participants on a journey of hill climbs, sprints and flat riding. This program lets participants draw on the group’s energy and find rhythm in the music. Participants control their own resistance levels and speed, which enables them to increase their fitness level over time.

RPM is one of three indoor cycling programs that Les Mills offers. Over the years, it has gained a huge following, and has become a favourite among many indoor cycling enthusiasts around the world. This is largely due to its exhilarating and immersive experience, which combines energising music, choreographed routines, and a motivational Instructor who coaches participants to perform beyond perceived limits, so they can perform at their best both inside and outside the cycle studio!

RPM is considered a journey not a race, and is available as a Live and, in some clubs, Virtual, workout.

With each new Quarterly Release of RPM, participants are introduced to fresh routines and music to keep them highly engaged and motivated to return.

Ryan Hogan, Chief Executive Officer of Les Mills Asia Pacific says, “Every quarter for 25 years, we’ve released a new RPM workout for Instructors, Club Partners and members.

That’s 100 workouts’ worth of scientific research, sensational music, choreography design, and Masterclass video production (which are used by Instructors to help them learn the Quarterly Releases). Plus, every three months we’ve held Quarterly Workshops – both In-Person and Online in recent years – to support the upskilling and education of our rockstar RPM Instructors.”

“The 100″ Release of this epic indoor cycling program is a big deal for so many people,” Ryan adds. “To mark the occasion, we’ve got Glen Ostergaard (RPM Program Director from Les Mills International), Sarah Ostergaard (Head of RPM Training at Les Mills International), and Lee Smith (one of the original RPM Trainers/Presenters for Les Mills As ori has late paris alertoreous Materiages and tmo

Adding to the excitement, and ensuring the indoor cycling experience will be premium, is the partnership between Les Mills Asia Pacific and BODY BIKE Asia Pacific.

“BODY BIKE is a leading manufacturer of indoor bikes, with an impeccable reputation for their exceptional performance, durability and quality,” says Ryan.

The partnership will see riders at the RPM 100 celebrations experience the BODY BIKE SMART®+ indoor bike.

“We’re supplying 100 forest green, ocean blue and black-coloured bikes for this event,” Tony Zonato, BODY BIKE Asia Pacific’s General Manager of Operations and Sales. “The green and blue models have our sustainable bike covers, which are made from recycled plastic, and every bike has over 50% of its weight made from recycled product, as the flywheel and crank assembly are made from recycled steel. It’s a really cool bike, and one of the most environmentally conscious on the planet!”

“In addition to its awesome sustainability factor, these bikes are also cutting-edge due to their advanced features such as real-time data tracking and seamless connectivity,” adds Tony. “These bikes always provide a smooth and authentic cycling experience, replicating the feel of riding on the open road. They’re a top-of-the-line bike, chosen by leading clubs who seek the precision and reliability that enables Instructors to lead their classes with confidence, knowing that they have the best tools at their disposal.

The BODY BIKE SMART®+ cycles are also equipped with a generator ensuring a battery-free, eco-friendly and self-sustaining workout, which is a revolutionary innovation called ‘SMART Charge’, where with every pedal stroke you create power!

“Power to recharge your mind, power to recharge your body, and power to charge your phone!” says Tony. “The power generated by the user allows for data transfer via ANT+ and Bluetooth®, and it supports SMART Charge. This means participants at RPM 100 can bring a USB cable, plug it in and when they start pedalling, if they’ve downloaded the BODY BIKE® Indoor Cycling app from Google Play or the Appstore, they’ll be able to get their data displayed right in front of them!”

The collaboration between Les Mills and BODY BIKE for the RPM100 program filming represents a convergence of two industry leaders who share a passion for delivering exceptional fitness experiences and the mission to create a fitter planet. “Together, we are set to create an unforgettable event that celebrates the success of the RPM program, while inspiring and empowering Instructors to continue motivating their participants to reach new fitness heights,” says Tony.

“This partnership reflects a shared commitment to excellence, innovation and environmental mindfulness in the fitness industry,” Ryan adds. “And these six classes are each set to be a thrilling experience, that will bring together Les Mills Instructors and fitness enthusiasts from around Australia and Southeast Asia.”

Tickets to the RPM 100 celebrations go on sale for Les Mills Instructors at midday (AEST) today (Tuesday 26 September) and are expected to sell out quickly. Regular tickets go on sale at midday (AEST) on Thursday 28 September.

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