-Its effectiveness in overcoming and preventing stress hair loss comes into light

ANYANG, South Korea, Aug. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — P1P (Phytosphingosine 1 Phosphate), a cell-regenerating substance developed in Korea, which is thought to be effective in overcoming hair loss caused by stress, is now drawing attention from the domestic hair loss prevention and treatment industry.

Dr. Myung-Joon Choi of KAIST who released P1P
Dr. Myung-Joon Choi of KAIST who released P1P

It was learned that ‘S1P(Sphingosine 1 Phosphate),’ a substance found minimally in the blood, helps to regenerate cells in the body and prevent aging, is effective in preventing necrocytosis due to stress. However, the idea did not lead to the development of products owing to expensive prices.

Under such circumstances, a team of doctors at KAIST continued to delve into the matter in search of its analogs, and succeeded in identifying P1P. By applying P1P to cosmetic and hair loss prevention products, ‘P1P’, a ‘phytosia’ and aesthetic skin care brand, was launched into the market, earning a patent associated with prevention and treatment of hair loss, and a composition for hair growth. From this connection, a skin and hair society in Europe announced the effect of P1P on the mechanism of hair growth.

Dr. Myung-Joon Choi of KAIST who released P1P said, “While studies are actively under way on the application of P1P worldwide, the projects have met a limitation, that is, it is prohibitively expensive, making it a project of low marketability. Under such circumstances, I am so glad that we managed to open the possibility of commercializing the substance since we have secured a technology of synthesizing the substance for mass production. We will continue to work steadily on the project to introduce better products.” 

The P1P substance developed by Korea’s phyto-associated industries are expected to find extensive applications in the domestic medical and bio-industry for stem cell culture technology and the treatment of degenerative neurological diseases.


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