Babel Health & Wellness Centre

First of all, let us be clear – Babel is not a gym although you can be forgiven for thinking it is so. The health and wellness club commemorated its grand opening at the iconic KLCC recently with the theme “Carnival in the Jungle”.

Now, before you start thinking “not another stupid idea for a theme” let me explain why this in itself is a stroke of genius. One, Babel KLCC is located smack in the middle of the concrete jungle. Yes, there are parks nearby but nevertheless it’s still right in the middle of Kuala Lumpur’s city centre.

Second, Babel brings nature to you. Honest to goodness when you’re in the gym, walking on that treadmill, that plant you see in front of you is not plastic. Those are real-life plants that are taken care of by Babel’s own botanist. How’s that for the extra shot of oxygen while you work out?

Babel KLCC entrance

Meanwhile, Babel’s shower and locker area could entice you to stay there forever. Aside from the awesome infrared sauna or the shower cubicles kitted out with Good Virtues Co. products, it is simply the dressing area that makes you feel at home. Honestly, if there was a bed installed I would probably never leave. Or maybe I just want to luxuriate my hair with those Dyson hairdryers.

Ok, despite looking ultra expensive and unaffordable, Babel KLCC’s fees are actually surprisingly manageable. This is in consideration of its location, design and the classes offered at the centre.

There are a multitude of classes offered at the centre, beginning at 7am until 9.30pm. Classes offered ranges from HIIT to Animal Flow to Suspension, a body weight exercise. Click here to find out more about their classes.

Founder Tan Boon Yao speaking at the launch

At the launch, Founder of Babel Tan Boon Yao says, “There are three pillars to health: Food, Fitness and Feels, all of which, contribute equally to your experience. That’s what we believe an experience is.”

“When it comes to food, we’ve joined forces through our strategic partnership with one of the best superfoods restaurants, La Juiceria Superfoods, making this the first health and wellness club in the country with its very own, full-fledged in-house restaurant.”

“Fitness speaks of our commitment to holistic physical training through our range of classes and cutting-edge equipment. The classes offered hopes to fill a much needed niche in the market whereby customers have access to a one-stop facility that fulfils exercise, rehabilitation and recovery. Feels speaks for itself; every corner of this space is harmonized to produce an environment that fosters a healthy mind and body,” added Tan.

Tan’s belief is that wellness isn’t merely a single tracked pursuit but instead requires a multi-faceted approach, taking into consideration the various aspects of health.

Through Babel’s myriad of classes and personal training options, clients will be under the tutelage of experienced PTA Certified professional trainers, providing unrivalled training accredited through scientific research adhering to an internationally accepted standard. Furthermore, clients who are interested to pursue a career in personal training are welcomed to enlist in the Babel Training Academy, where they too can achieve PTA Certification through Babel.

For more information on Babel, please visit the club’s official website and information portal at, or stay tuned to their official Facebook page at and Instagram page for other exciting updates and announcements.

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