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Asia Fitness Today is a part of the A Fitness Today News Network (AFTNN) independent media and technology group that serves readers and listeners from Asia Pacific and beyond. AFTNN is supported by a panel of advisors comprising of fitness industry experts, certified fitness trainers, athletes, scientists, journalists, nutritionists, physiotherapists, professional event planners, writers and foodies and we work hard to deliver a wide range of news, research studies, interviews and feature articles and videos on fitness lifestyle. We adopt a science-backed total wellness approach in our editorial reports, programs and live events and focus on delivering Sports, Fitness & Wellness news and edutainment.


Asia Fitness Today creates and curates AFT Podcasts, a series of audio programs that feature interviews with Asia Pacific’s heroes in sports, health and fitness (English). The podcasts are recorded in Sydney Podcast Studios and are hosted and produced by the AFT team in Kuala Lumpur and Sydney. As an agile and small team, we designed our podcast content to reach listeners from culturally and diverse backgrounds (CALD) within an environment that encourages and integrates gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) wherever we stream. It is our desire to translate, transcribe and re-record our podcasts in the multiple languages spoken in the Asia Pacific region.

As Asia Pacific nations progress, its growing middle-class of busy working professionals tend to forgo their health in pursuit of their careers. As a group that subscribes to the circular economy concept where we profit with purpose, we’ve undertaken the role to raise awareness about non-communicable diseases or lifestyle diseases like dementia and Type 2 diabetes through entertaining education, and to effect change by providing group fitness lifestyle programs and events at the workplace and in their communities. We work with governments, non-profit and civil society organisations and corporate companies to maximise the impact on communities starting at the workplace. Our programs focus on empowering and enriching youth, women, seniors and persons with disabilities.

AFTNN effects change via its social enterprise – Move8, a fitness movement platform that connects people who wish to be Fit for Good, find fitness buddies or coaches, find sporting events or volunteer as a ‘Move8 Warrior’ to brighten up someone’s day by moving with them. Funds raised from the Move8 platform are channeled to provide free MoveAID programmes which bring movement aid and activities to senior and lesser-abled communities. We work with corporate partners to encourage volunteerism in communities using sports, fitness and wellness and this has provided a unique glue for company employees.


The Art & Science of Wellness.

Our Vision

Asia Pacific’s No.1 and Most Trusted Sports, Fitness & Wellness Network.

Mission 2030

Halve non-communicable diseases like diabetes in Asia-Pacific by 2030 in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals SDG#3 by getting its citizens moving, becoming more FIT-aware and creating awareness about how physical health affects emotional wellness.

What we do

  1. Produce rich content that’s verified, to inform and educate via our website, podcasts and live streaming channel.
  2. Verify and recommend fitness professionals to help improve the well-being of busy corporate executives at their workplace.
  3. We curate and produce fitness lifestyle programs & events that promote Movement as Therapy.

Who we are

AFitnessToday.com, AsiaFitnessToday.com and AustraliaFitnessToday.com are website projects managed and operated by GIG: gointernationalgroup.com – a media and technology group established in 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with a satellite office in North Sydney, Australia. The company is a Coach n Grow Cohort 4 scale-up company of the Malaysian Ministry of Finance Cradle coaching program managed by Proficeo.

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