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We’re delighted to introduce this new category, AFT Book Recommendations where we bring you some of the latest titles from a growing community of independent publishers in Asia Pacific. In keeping an active community, we ask for your support by purchasing directly from the publishers.

THE ACCIDENTAL MALAY by Karina Robles Bahrin

15 September 2022

Winner of the Epigram Books Fiction Prize 2022

Jasmine Leong wants to be the next CEO of Phoenix, her family’s billion-ringgit company known especially for its bak kwa. But when Jasmine discovers she is actually a Malay Muslim, her newfound identity threatens to upend her life and ambitions. Set in Kuala Lumpur and other areas of Malaysia, The Accidental Malay examines the human cost of a country’s racial policies, and paints a portrait of a woman unwilling to accept the fate history has designated for her. Source: Lit Books

Buy it from: Epigram Books (SG) | Lit Books (KL) | Gerak Budaya (PG)

Listen to the AFT Podcasts interview with author, Karina Robles-Bahrin on the Listen by Heart Website with show summary.

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