Ong helping our tester with a movement
Ong gives easy to follow instructions

Set above a bustling row of restaurants, BEYOND MOVEMENT is quiet and serene making them the perfect place for a peaceful workout. Although at first glance the studio may look bare, it is in fact filled with perfectly arranged equipment.

When we stepped foot into the studio the instructor, Ong, was in the midst of having a private Pilates class. So we were invited to sit nearby until the class was over. However, there was no time to chat as she moved on directly to the group GYROKINESIS® class.



For those who have not heard of GYROKINESIS® before the explanation is clearly defined in the GYROTONIC® website. It states:

“The Gyrokinesis Method is a movement method that addresses the entire body, opening energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion and creating functional strength through rhythmic, flowing movement sequences. It is an original and unique method, which coordinates movement, breath and mental focus.”

If that sounds like a boring Yoga and/or Pilates class to you, you would be wrong. The similarity of flowing movement ends there. For one, you begin a GYROKINESIS® class by sitting on a stool with your feet firmly on the floor or mat. Second, you have already done the movements involved in your daily life so you basically will have no problem doing it, such as yawning.


Ong helping our tester with a movement

The Class

Our tester today is a male in his 40s who does calisthenics exercises regularly with some kettlebell exercises. Was he sore after the class? Not quite, but he was surprised at the intensity of the class as he sweats more than he thought he would.

With that in mind, men will have to note that the only problem they may face during a GYROKINESIS® class is not being the token male; it will be pointing their toes.

The class seems easy to an observer as Ong gives out easy to follow instructions with descriptive explanations such as kayaking, hummingbird, and hands in pocket. These memorable instructions allow participants to perform the movements correctly.

Ong does not hesitate, however, to help participants who have problems performing a movement. She will instruct, position and explain until the participant is able to do the movement.


Our tester performing a movement

After the class

There is no Namaste ending after a GYROKINESIS® class. Participants simply say “Thank you”, and proceed to clean the provided mats and put them back in their place. Ong stays back to engage with students by answering any questions they may have.

As mentioned earlier, almost all students end up sweating after the vigorous workout. Ong says that GYROKINESIS® helps not only with blood circulation but with moving our joints as well. This is important as most of us are sedentary at the workplace.

“By doing more exercise correctly, you can do more,” she says.


The verdict

Our tester said he didn’t expect the GYROKINESIS® class to be that vigorous but he appreciated the guided explanation and breathing that accompanied it. Sometimes, just as he thinks he has the movements down pat Ong appears to assist him and he realizes he was doing it wrong.

But the assistance helps him improve and he says, “I moved muscles I never knew I had.” He also mentions how parts of his body opened up and he feels as if his body is somewhat lighter. He does say to not underestimate the class though.

Ong is an excellent instructor albeit with the ability to be no-nonsense at the same time. But as she constantly reminds participants – most of the movements are movements that we are already doing every day.

So, should you attend a GYROKINESIS® class at Beyond Movement? You definitely should. But to fully utilize the experience, use the classes as a complementary exercise to what you’re already doing.

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