Prepare a budget for the purchase of at least a pair of specialty shoes for one type of exercise you choose. Choose the wrong sports shoes and you could end up lying on the couch nursing a variety of complaints such as toe blisters, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, back pain, knee pain, and also hip pain.

There are many types of shoes you can buy according to the type of exercise that you like, such as the following:

Tennis Shoes

In the sports activity that uses a racket, you should use special shoes that can support the movement to the side. To that end, these kinds of shoes are usually more rigid and heavier than running shoes.

Aerobic Shoes

For this exercise, the shoes must be flexible, able to support and cushioning which absorbs, while minimizing the impact on the foot.

Soccer Shoes

Shoes of this type should be able to reduce the pressure on the foot. Using the wrong shoes can cause a soccer player at risk of developing calluses on the surface of the skin or toenails growth disorders.

Walking Shoes

Choose shoes that are lightweight and can reduce pain in the heel and ankle for this sport activity. Shoes for walking should be more rigid in the front so that the toes are more comfortable.

Running Shoes

These types of shoes are very flexible so it can support the foot to bend each time its stride. However, this type of shoe does not fit if it is used for other types of sports.

Basketball Shoes

To get the maximum benefit from the function of the shoes on the game of basketball or any other sport netball needed shoes that have a combination of flexibility while supporting the movement to the side.

Cross Trainers Shoes

This shoe combines several functions simultaneously for the benefit of more than one sports activity. Its features should have the flexibility on the front legs to run, but also must have a good control for a wider movement such as aerobics or tennis.

For those of you who want to buy specialty shoes for your favourite exercise, you can go to the sport shoes store and tell the staff the usual type of exercise you usually do. Choose shoes that are comfortable to use since the first time you try, the size that suits you. If your heels attached with the back of the shoe, and your finger is about one centimeter to the front of the shoe, then it is the right size for you. You should remember that each shoe has a limited lifetime depending on the quality of the shoes you bought. If you feel the shoes you normally use had been uncomfortable to use, immediately go to a sport shoes store to buy your new shoes.


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