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AFT News Network (AFTNN) reports live from Sharp Health & Wellness Solutions Event 2022 hosted by Mr. Masahiro Okitsu, Mr. Robert Wu and Mr. Ting Yang Chung (pictured below, from left to right) from Sharp Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Sharp Malaysia). The Sharp brand was established in 1912 in Osaka, Japan named after a mechanical pencil and has made a strong mark in Malaysia for over 50 years and Sharp Malaysia today, introduced products to help Malaysians adapt in a post-pandemic lifestyle with a heightened focus on healthy lifestyle with a holistic ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) view for sustainable business growth.

Sharp Electronics (Malaysia) Healthcare and Wellness 2022 Press Conference – photo supplied.

“Being a responsible multinational, Sharp is going to play an integral part of the modern economy by driving transformational change through ESG with clear and achievable goals. To ensure a more sustainable economy and a stronger, healthier workforce, we have adopted four pillars in our corporate ESG direction, which include Digital Healthcare, Net-zero Carbon Neutral, HITO management and Transition to a global company. We believe ensuring a healthy lifestyle and promoting support for the environment are essential to sustainable development, and it causes a positive effect on almost every aspect of our lives. So, we have formed a new Digital Healthcare division to integrate technology to develop a new line of health and wellness products and solutions. We are committed to delivering innovations in the area of health and wellness that would help enhance the well-being of our customers, business partners and our employees”.

President and CEO of Sharp Corporation, Mr. Robert Wu

New Norm Living Solutions

Sharp Malaysia has introduced a line of products under the New Norm living solutions banner, aimed at fulfilling customer demands for clean and hygienic environments.

  • Portable air purifier, Mobile Plasmacluster Ion Generator conducts hygienic outdoor activities.
  • Sleep wellbeing, Baby Sharp Air Purifier gives out a warm night light and 3-step filtration system, providing 360° purification around the sleep breathing zone.
  • Aroma Diffuser, 3-levels of lights and an auto-start function where mist is produced by an ultrasonic transducer which generates oscillations that cause water to turn into tiny droplets, vapourising into fine mist.
  • Clean and purified water with a 6-stage filtration system in a Wall Mountable UV Water Purifier that removes impurities and microbes.
  • Portable sanitiser-maker is a 100% natural and hygienic, making sodium hypochlorite water that can disinfect and remove 99% of bacteria and virus in a minute.
  • An innovative range of electric scooters (E-Scooter) for Malaysians.
Sharp Electronics (Malaysia) Health & Wellness 2022 - 02 Photo credit Nikki Yeo, AsiaFitnessToday

“We live in an era where technology is changing how we live from day to day. At Sharp we are integrating all our technologies and innovation to create future digital healthcare solution as well as building zero energy smart home. Therefore, we aim to create Sharp Healthcare and Wellness solutions that enhances safe air, clean water, healthier food and environmentally friendly for our consumers and business partners.”

Masahiro Okitsu, Representative Director, Executive Vice President, and Head of Digital Healthcare
Business Promotion Office

Revolutionary Health and Wellness Solutions


Developed by advanced Japanese technology, Sharp Corporation has launched BiteScan, a measurement of personal eating habits, it is a mastication meter that allows consumers to put on their ear when eating – to measure the number and tempo of chews, along with the position of the jaw, while chewing. Consumers can check out their results in the BiteScan app to help them easily see the trend in changes to their actions. Sharp Corporation collaborated with Lotte Co., Ltd., Niigata University, and Kyushu University for the “Bitescan and Gum Chewing Improvement Project” in Fukuoka City. The project was to encourage the chewing of one’s food as a positive habit while having fun. By utilising the Bitescan chewing metre, researchers were able to measure, analyze and understand various data related to chewing (Source: Participated in a joint project aimed at maintaining health by improving chewing ability| News Release: Sharp (

Next up on the innovation ladder is its award-winning Medical Listening Plug (MLP), designed for mild-to-moderate hearing disabilities. It won the 2021 Good Design Award; the MLP fit into the business environment of still active generation with formal-look design. Beyond a hearing aid, consumers can enjoy the sound and music of video and answer calls just like a wireless earbud.

Sharp Electronics (Malaysia) Health & Wellness 2022 - 03 Photo credit Nikki Yeo, AsiaFitnessToday

Sharp Malaysia, in collaboration with the Cocoro Life Health and Wellness Ecosystem provides an application, or an app that is consumer-centric, a one-stop point powered by artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) where you can manage all of your Sharp home, kitchen and lifestyle appliances. Download the app to manage your Sharp product experience including new features like health reports, nutritionist advice and fitness wellness programmes all on one platform.

Mr Ting Yang Chung, Managing Director of Sharp Electronics Malaysia (SEM), said,

As we are now entering endemic, we believe it is our responsibility to create practical solutions and technological know-how to improve user experience and the quality of life of our consumers and business partners. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our business partners; hence, we are launching the first-ever Health and Wellness Ecosystem in this health experiential tour. Working with key private hospitals and healthcare service providers, we aim to offer our business
partners end-to-end Health Services and solutions. With Sharp’s experience and presence in delivering
value to consumers, from electrical products to solutions, we are confident to share our cutting-edge
technology and solutions further to enhance the health and wellness lifestyle of all Malaysians.

Mr Ting Yang Chung, Managing Director of Sharp Electronics Malaysia (SEM)

Note: Products like the BiteScan, Medical Listening Plug (MLP), Sanitiser-maker and e-Scooter are not yet available in Malaysia.

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