The creators of That Sugar Film (2014) have produced the next impact film that is already an issue on everyone’s minds…

Global warming and our environment – envisioning your life in 2040.

A still from “2040” of Damon Gameau and his family planting a tree 
TOGETHER FILMS – as featured in a Forbes interview with Gameua.

18-months back, New York Times journalist Kendra Pierre-Louis cited the journal, Science in her report about, “oceans heating up 40 percent faster on average than a United Nations panel estimated five years ago”. 

A dead coral reef in waters off Indonesia. Credit…Ethan Daniels/Stocktrek Images, via Science Source. Read more about oceans warming up in this New York Times article.

Produced by MadMan Films with a long accolade of partners and funders who have joined in the call for “Regeneration” in this impact film, this hybrid feature documentary by Australian award-winning director Damon Gameau (known for That Sugar Film 2015) asks what the year 2040 would look like for his now 4-year old daughter. Gameau asks for us to embrace solutions that are already available now, with the objective to save our planet and regenerate the world for future generations. He asks, #WhatsYour2040 and this project is the coolest (pun intended) thing this planet has seen for it calls for viewers to make their own impact in these areas:

1. Climate Change

Since the industrial revolution, progress made by humans has also increased the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. 

2. Marine Renegeration

Our oceans absorb almost all of the excess heat in the atmosphere, and as a result, the surging water temperatures slowly destroy marine ecosystems, raising sea levels and cause many other catastrophes like hurricanes.

3. Regenerative Agriculture

Plants use carbon dioxide and energy from the sun to create simple sugars. The plant uses some of these sugars to grow, while the rest are sent into the soil through the roots to feed microbes and other tiny critters. 

4. Renewable Energy

Generating electricity accounts for almost half of all of our global emissions – mostly due to coal, oil and gas. Why generate energy from fossil fuel when there are other renewable energy options like wind or solar?

5. Education of Women & Girls

Educating women and girls for better population management when there’s an understanding of family planning. Read more here:

6. Circular Economy

According to climate scientists, unless we can reduce our consumption by at least 20%, we are likely to experience some serious climate trouble by 2040. Reduce, reuse, recycle put into practise seriously can help shift and propel a truly circular economy.

7. Transport

By 2040 it’s estimated that an extra 1 billion cars will join the 1.2 billion already occupying our roads. 


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