The Kurang Manis Podcast

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Bahasa Malaysia (click here) presents The Kurang Manis Podcast, a talk show on sports, fitness & wellness with personalities from Asia & the Pacific (English/various).

A documentary, “Redifussion-inspired”, raw as can be chit chat with athletes, medical doctors, allied health professionals, the fitness & wellness world – you. A show about us. We tell your stories as they happen in our lives. Join us every so often and bring yer cuppa tea! In Malaysia, it’s the Teh Tarik, made frothy by swift hand movements of a tea-pulling expert but 8 tsp of condensed milk?! Kurang manis please, boss!

LISTEN NOW across all platforms from 9th February 2021, 09:00AM (+GMT). New episodes out every Tuesday.

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Season 1

Episode 1 (9/2/21): Datuk Nicol David

World No.1 Squash Champion, voted The World Games Greatest Athlete of All Time. Full article here – Full Interview – Read Article | Listen All Platforms

Episode 2 (16/2/21): Dr. Desmond Menon

Medical laboratory scientist speaks on Genes and if we’re predisposed to diseases of our parents – Full Interview – Read Article  | Listen All Platforms | Spotify Bonus

Episode 3 (23/2/21): Dr. Pran Yoganathan

Gastroenterologist & hepatologist, Sydney NSW | IG: dr_pran_yoganathan | Full Interview – Read Article | Listen All Platforms


Episode 4 (2/3/21): Papi Zak

Standup comedian / IG: papizak

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Asia Fitness Today is on a mission; MISSION 2030 — to halve NCD rates in the Asia Pacific region by 2030 read more… If we could ask if you could please share this podcast on social media or with someone you know and care about so we can perpetuate this ripples of awareness in the community. It begins with a whisper, a drop in the ocean and slowly, change can happen. It begins with us.


KURANG MANIS was awarded a special prize at the 2019 Script-to-Screen Workshop Malaysia co-organised by Motion Picture Association – Asia PacificWildsnapper TV & FINAS with judges, U-Wei Bin Haji Saari, Stephen Jenner & Jason van Genderen and guided by filmmaker Tan Chui Mui. A production by, co-produced by Jasmine Low & Nikki Yeo, filmmaker mentor Jules Ong, sound engineering mentor Werner Theunissen, technical engineer Sydney Podcast Studios. Read more about KURANG MANIS impact project here.

The Kurang Manis Podcast is created, written, produced & co-hosted by Nikki Yeo in Kuala Lumpur & Jasmine Low in Sydney – two everyday people who just want to make a change in the world starting with themselves.

Small bites, large strides!



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